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Final Report on Development of Flow Criteria for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Ecosystem, Approved by State Water Resources Control Board, 8-3-10

A Scientific Assessment of Alternatives for Reducing Water Management Effects on Threatened and Endangered Fishes in California’s Bay Delta, Committee on Sustainable Water and Environmental Management in the California Bay-Delta; National Research Council, 2010

Larry Collins’ Statement to the House Committee on Natural Resources’ Subcommittee on Water and Power hearing ‘Perspectives on California’s Water Supply: Challenges and Opportunities,’ Los Angeles, California 1-25-10

California Water Solutions Now ; A Report for Member Organizations of the Environmental Water Caucus, Aug. 2009

NMFS Biological and Conference Opinion of the Long-Term Operations of the Central Valley Project and the State Water Project and Related Documents

Unemployment in the San Joaquin Valley in 2009: Fish or Foreclosure? ; Eberhardt School of Business, University of the Pacific, Aug. 2009

Listen to the River: An Independent Review of the CVPIA Fisheries Program, Dec. 2008

Water Quality Control Plan for Salinity: San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary; State Water Resources Control Board, Oct. 1988


Opinion: Big Ag cries big tears; salmon run dries up; Larry Collins in Sacramento Bee, 11-6-10

Opinion: Duncan MacLean: Protect our salmon fishers; Monterey Herald, 10-24-10

Opinion: Delta’s bounty is a shared treasure – except when greed cuts ahead in line; Brett Baker in Sacramento Bee, 8-1-10

Truth Drought: California’s real shortfall ; Peter Gleick, President of Pacific Institute

Hannity Demands Obama “Turn this Water on Now” in Central California– But Pumps Have Been on for Months

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