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Chefs Urge President Obama to Restore California’s Iconic Wild King Salmon 4-13-11
Bay Area sustainable food luminaries joined chefs and food industry leaders across the nation in letter urging President Obama to protect one of America’s last great remaining natural food sources

Salmon Water Now! Charges Westlands With Driving Salmon and Fishing Families to the Edge of Extinction 8-31-10
New Video Release, “Bullies of Westlands” Shows How Westlands Water District’s Drive for More Delta Water Comes at the Expense of Coastal Communities

Fishermen Ask Sen. Feinstein to Reconsider Latest Push to Undermine Salmon Restoration Plan 4-29-10
Organizations representing the recreational and commercial salmon fishing communities of California asked the Senator to reconsider her request to Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke to overturn protections for the Sacramento River’s struggling salmon runs

Salmon Water Now Exposes Westlands’ Poisonous Legacy 3-4-10
Latest Release, “Bad Dirt, Bad Water, Bad Farms” Comes as Westlands Water District Seeks to Pump Potentially Tainted Groundwater into California’s Water Supply

Salmon Water Now Exposes Agribusiness Manipulating Delta Water Policy for Private Profit 1-26-10
“The Water Pirates” Comes as Federal Proceedings Marginalize Pro-Salmon, Pro-Delta Voices to Benefit Corporate Water Brokers

New Video Series Brings Fishing Community Perspectives to California Water Debate 1-12-10
“Science, Politics, and Salmon” Calls on Senator Feinstein to Stop Playing Politics With Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta

Commercial Fishermen Comment on Water Legislation 11-2-09
Water packages deal blow to imperiled fishing industry, others that rely on healthy Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

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